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Roger Stone is guilty of what?
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Author:  MIKEFROMUNIONTOWN [ Sat Nov 16, 2019 1:20 am ]
Post subject:  Roger Stone is guilty of what?

What is going on?

It is being reported that Roger still has a GAG order AFTER the verdict. He can't even ask for a pardon.

Well many are already asking for his pardon. The Russia HOAX was found to be just that HOAX..then why since it was all an obvious lie, is Roger still being prosecuted?

Folks, I tell you that love or hate em someday you will be Roger Stone and if you don't stand now then when they come after you and I NO ONE will help you or I.

This is Communism and the leaders at many levels are supporting it. And if you wish to be their lackey or brown noser..BE FOREWARNED!!!!!!.....

The first people the communists take out AFTER they get FULL KONTROL..are the lackeys cos they have proven they have no honor or integrity.

Then THEY come after us cos we are a handful and a half!

I have extolled the virtues that Solzhenitsyn wrote about and we are THERE

Don't be a lackey.


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